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Tapestry Handbags. Leather Handbags, Leather Backpack Purse.

Luxury Handbags and Purses

A purse was never meant to be a simple functional item to carry “stuff.” A purse is an expression of lady’s style and fashion. A purse is a statement about a lady.

Ladies cherish “that feeling” when they find “the perfect purse” to be theirs.  DreamBags cherishes the process of offering such “perfect purses.” We design and produce purses rich in color and texture, working with tapestries, cottons, brocades, nylons, polyesters, microfibers and leather.

DreamBags’ tapestry or leather handbags will last years. Our handbags are made of premium materials, with first class expertise and with focus on timeless design. Our customers invest in our purses to enjoy their elegance for years to come. High quality leather, fabrics and hardware are what you can expect from DreamBags.com.

For women on the go, in need of a more spacious, yet still stylish bag, we offer leather backpack purses as a true urban solution to commute and daily schleps.  Our leather backpack purses fit busy women who value comfort, roominess and elegance.

Standard interior of our leather backpack purses features nylon lining in various solid colors, zippered pockets, telephone slide in pouches and key ring holders. Strong, bonded thread is used to prevent weakening of seams or broken stitches.

Why Tapestry or Leather Handbags?

DreamBags’ purses and handbags convey strong personality, elegance and sophistication. They are meant to captivate you and become an extension of yourself. 

If you are drawn to rich colors and textures, you will appreciate our handbags made of warm color hues, soft tapestry and cowhide leather.

Our beautifully made tapestry and leather handbags will last you for years to come. Choosing a DreamBags’ purse you can cherish for its design and craftsmanship is fiscally smarter than buying a “bargain” purse of poor quality.

Our team is devoted to precision and quality. We guarantee that only premium quality leather and fabrics are used in our production and only highly skilled operators produce our handbags.  

Tip: The market is inundated with “fake” or “knock off” designer purses.  The tell tale sign of a poorly made purse is its material and construction.  Comparing the precision and clean lines of our seams and decorative stitching with lesser quality purses, you will value the beauty of our handbags.  Wearing tapestry and leather handbags made by DreamBags shall bring you joy for a long time.

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Luxury Handbags and Purses

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Fashionable Business Cases

Find wonderful: Tapestry Handbags. Leather Handbags, Leather Backpack Purse

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